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Thursday, 24 November 2011

first sem starting by the title of "love"

my new sem with the new terminology,,n was starting by the title love...
first,im very shocked bcoz out of my mind about this topic but when the teacher asked me to talk and all my frenz be a good listener to me...
very nervous...
but i want to share it in my note..

"love is the magic word that will come sincerely from anybody heart. Love is not only can change our mind but also will change the world. Love is very powerfull and all people will feel this feeling. In our perspective, love just only for the guys or girls but the truthly is love just not only for them but it also can related with our relationship between God, parents, friends and also environment. It does not have any antivirus to kill this feeling out from our heart. Getting love is much beautiful than forcing people to make them love us. love is about aour soul. If people make love, anythings and everythings will become more easier and happiness will come.
So, let find the truthly love now!!


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